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  • Madison Perez, Intern

San Francisco Finally has a New Prosthetic and Orthotic Service!

After our initial start with a 300 sf space in Mission Creek, it became apparent that there is room for us in San Francisco! Much thought was put in the new location of the office. Many years of Michael listening to patient concerns regarding access to a clinic in San Francisco were factored in the new location. Eighteen Eighty Mission, Street Suite E, is at 15th Street. There is ample metered street parking, close to the Duboce exit off the Central Freeway, there is a bus stop at the corner of 14th Street/Mission and BART is a block away at 16th Street/Mission.

The lab is equipped to service almost all of your orthotic and prosthetic needs. Providing orthotic and prosthetic care is much more than the device dispensed. It is a relationship that seems to be lost in today's healthcare environment. We want there to be a collaboration between you and us to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Michael, as a long standing practitioner and former owner of San Francisco Prosthetic and Orthotic Service (SFPOS) wants you to enjoy your experience in a friendly low stress environment. We will spend the time to answer your questions and are easily accessible post-care. Appointments are available within the week of your inquiry.

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