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An overview of the Scoliosis Bracing Process

A scoliosis diagnosis can initially feel overwhelming and scary. We have provided an overview of the bracing process that can hopefully provide some guidance in the road ahead.

Step 1: Brace is prescribed for scoliosis

Some patients have been monitoring the curve for some time, while for others scoliosis is a new diagnosis. At this point a medical professional has written a prescription for a brace.

What do we need from your doctor’s office?

  • A prescription

  • Medical Notes that speak about need for brace

    • These are usually visit notes from a recent appointment

    • Not needed for Kaiser patients

Step 2: First Appointment

At this appointment our Orthotist will look at the XRAYs and measure the patient for a brace. A 3D scan will be taken of the patient’s spine to create the brace. Each brace is made custom.

What do you need to bring to your first appointment?

  • Spinal XRAY

  • Insurance card

  • Prescription if we have not already received it

Step 3: Fitting Appointment

Prior to the fitting we will need to obtain insurance authorization if required and complete brace fabrication. Fabrication takes about 10-14 days. Insurance Authorization is required for most HMO, Kaiser, and Medi-Cal plans. Insurance authorization usually takes about 1-3 weeks. The fitting appointment will take about an hour and a half.

Step 4: Brace wearing begins

The patient will slowly increase wear time and tightness.

Step 5: 3 week Follow Up

Our orthotist will check that the brace is fitting properly and that the patient is ready for the first XRAY.

Step 6: XRAY

The first XRAY is taken 4-6 weeks after the brace fitting once the patient has been in the brace at full tightness and time for at least a week. After the XRAY send us a copy of the XRAY. We will let you know if any adjustments are needed. Most patients like to schedule an appointment with us immediately after their XRAY in case any adjustments are needed. It is common to make some minor adjustments to the brace after the first XRAY.

Step 7: Continued follow-up

Continue wearing the brace and let us know if any adjustments are needed. Please call us if the brace is pinching, hurting, or causing skin issues. After the next XRAY please send us a copy again. If a patient outgrows the brace, the process will repeat.

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