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About KickStart Orthotics and Prosthetics, LLC

A family-run business offering orthotic and prosthetic care to Bay Area communities and beyond. 


It's not the destination. It's the journey in life.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with scoliosis or have a prosthetic device that you’ve outgrown, fits poorly, or is worn out, you’re in the right place. 


At KickStart O&P, we provide patients in need with prosthetic limbs, spinal corrections, and orthotic brace supports. We specialize in pediatrics and scoliosis bracing, and we are honored to serve our veterans.


Why  Choose KickStart O&P

Committed to you     

We pride ourselves on making our patients feel welcomed, confident, and empower them on what’s the best prosthetic or orthotic device for them.



Call us today for an initial, no cost consultation so we can learn how to best serve you.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Your stories are heard with understanding, and your needs are met with quality assurance. With 25 years in the industry, 19 years locally here in Oakland, we strive to deliver reliable solutions so you can reach your goals. 

Meet the Owner: Tony LaFrance, C.P.O

Continuing Care After 18 Years in Oakland

20101001_010922_TonyLaFrance (1).jpg

As an ABC Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist I attended Northwestern University and completed residencies in New Orleans and Texas in 1998.  

Formerly with Laurence Orthopedics, I have worked on Telegraph Ave in Oakland for the last 19+ years. This has given me the opportunity to support the wide range of Physicians needing my specialization. Focusing on one patient at a time has allowed me to build relationships within Alameda County.

Kickstart opened its doors in November 2018. I look forward to re-connecting with all my former patients. Please give us a call to set an appointment, to discuss how I can continue to provide the support you need.

ABC's Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist Scope of Practice details the specific functions of certified practitioners. This includes patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of a treatment plan, follow-up and practice management.

Meet the owner
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